Monday, October 11, 2010

तेंदुलकर सर

Sir, SIR
boss . baap . genius , ................................. these dots stand for N number of adjectives you can remeber for this player Mr SACHIN TENDULKAR @ 21 consecutive years this man can play as he did today and still not out on 191 . apart from the innings itself what i liked was is keenness, one false shot and Saheb was so angry with himself ,that also when your scores reads 126 not out DANDAVAT ,
शुभम भवतु

Thursday, July 22, 2010


KUDOS TO MURALI 800 TEST WICKETS !! In the one day and T 20 jamana keeping own's interset in test cricket for so long is appreciable। i dont see anybody from todays generation reaching such a mark in near future। Once again all HATS OFF TO MURALIDHARAN। ps:- As per Indian mythalogy there had been one Muralidhar who was (in) famous and best in all other sports and politics। will Muralidharan join politics ?

शुभम भवतु

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

मानाचा मुजरा

शुद्ध वाक्गंगा , असीम द्यान, लोकाना शिकवयाची खरी इच्छा
अरविंद घोष , स्वामी विवेकानंद, शिवचरित्र , भगवान महावीर ह्याना आपल्या ओघवत्या वक्तरुत्वाने घरोघर पोचवून , जोडीला स्वताचे अजोड विचार सांगुन समाज प्रबोधन कर्नार्या ह्या वाक - योग्याला माज़ा मानाचा मुजरा !
श्री शिवाजीराव भोसले जरी ह्या देहाने आमच्यात नसलात तरी तुमची शिकवण पुढच्या पिढीला देण्याचा मनापासून प्रयत्न करू !
शत कोटि प्रणाम

शुभम भवतू

Sunday, July 4, 2010

My sports schedule

Hi this last two odd months were very hectic for my sports. It was tough to change games,venues, mates.yes this is about me.Before the fifa world cup i was totally busy with IPL (indain polotical leage?) Was with Mumabi indians all the way for amacha Sachin & K. Pollard. till Yahoo splashed pictures of Neetaben and Vijaybhai chatting over a drink (Ben & Bhai for us ). Then i had to swith to Tennis with all tha colorful cloths including see thru innerwears! was rather funny in the begining but had a good game. Meanwhile had asked my sports shop to procure a Jabulani. No Way I was going to miss the once in 4 years event that too in S A. At the same time took out my School Sanskrit book. Sanskrut is supposed to be best exercise for your tounge.once this reciting was over I took the dictonary for the words like Inactooo , VUVUZELA ,WAKA etc.prepared myself for the temp differnce, timings , energy drinks. The sanskrit helped me too pronouce GYAN's,Ayew ,Podoloski,shwarsteiner, Villas, Muontari, xyz Novic's (this is similar to all fruits being xyz apples) Urugwe Paragwyae. Did Some yoga and heavy gym as had to abzorb tackels and shocks like Englad (Terry to !) France (Henrychya) Portugal ( Rona 1 goal Do na) Nigeria, Ivory cost going out in first round. Rs 8 crs pair of legs not scoring a goal . After this shocks all my hopes were on apna uncle (KAKA) as his boss promised ha mai world cup Dunga. In the mean while Ausstrelia and england played some Cricket I had declined their offers and concectrated on Football. West indies went all the way to SA to taste defeat. In spite of some spitfire bowling and some realtime spitting colored Gandhi was not born.who says history repeats ? Some reddish stains reminded me of clay court battles Nadal again took the crown with his white shorts getting stains at the wrong end.(In our country bulls get this kind of shove to move faster.) then came Wimbeldon disciplined white game with green background. Dont forget the vuvuzela hum is still on. for a change EMPE fede ROR and wiliams decided to enjoy cherrycream.Here again my Sanskrut came to rescue otherwise was difficult to greet Djockovic,Zvonareva Pironkeva Tsvetana Birdiesch. with Nadal (this time green stains at wrong end)and probably birdiech fighting it for the large Dish . meanwhile uncle (kaka)ditched me.Mar do NA Messed up.Gyan could not utilize his wisdome.Parague were bulled so r we heading towards a German rule again. Folks i am happy now that this sports rounding up season is coming to an end with 2 tier tyre on my bear belly. Kabadiwala more than happy to get tons of cans. Paisa vasool on my dth connection.Champion leage will be avoided. Friends time for some REAL WORKOUT to get back in shape SHUBHAM BHAVATU MISHA

Saturday, June 12, 2010


And the big party starts with a neatly presented opening ceremony. (nothing to beat China Birds nest)
zinga lala! vovu...? a kind of (pipani /tin trumphet) noisyest musical instrument.
All the world has come to south africa. So cool. all the different cultures staying , partying , exchanging their beliefs toghether . Give and take of views WOW all the govts ,their cultural ministers will not be able to achieve this in ions .this takes place while enjoying one thing at a time A game of football.
this is VISHWABANDHUTVA... wordly brotherhood .
A good hats off to SHAKIRA. She was fantastic. (i am no fan of western music) still i loved the way she performed WAKA WAKA no no WAHWA WAHWA
and shabalala be prepared to read many african words VOO >>>>dooo
shubham bhavatu

Saturday, June 5, 2010


Yes the football fever has been catching up
from dadadadi s to miesis to kakas / rooneys to rookies / bongs to drogbos / coppas to zagalos
the heat , the exitment , the disppontment, deafning sound . JALLOOSSHH, speed , accurracy ,smartness . an ZInciDANce to remeber for a lofe time


Look out for Camerrroon /South africa/Japan/ spain /korea / argentina

would u forget GERMANY / BRAZIL
where is baiCHUNG BcHUTIYA

Monday, May 31, 2010


समाजातील विविध विघटन थाम्बवुन / विविध नावाखाली विभाजन टालूंन एक संध समाज निर्मिती असे स्वप्ना कुणीतरी बघितले होते म्हणे
सर्व धर्मं / पंथ / गोत्र / मु ॥ ह्यांचा उद्देश विश्वबंधुत्वा कड़े दोन चार पावूले पुढे नेणारा असावा अशी माफक अपेक्षा !!
इथे अध्यात्मिक गुरूच स्कैंडल / गोलीबार ह्या मधून वेळ मिळाला तर गुरिगिरी करणार
अरे dyana dyana zala सी गायब

शुभम भवतु


its said that your personality reflects what you wear,
then my questions are
a) transperent clothing ?????
b) yellow (flouroscent) pants i es ?????
c) only a towel ................... Any way ....
We move onto Ranold Garros
1980's Billi jean King vs A Gentle lady
1990' Mrs Lloyd vs Navara tila hava
then Navara tila Hava vs Steffi Graff in between Capriattis / Sabatini
the favaorates were decided on the game itself . But this year 4th round match was between the aerobics dress Vs XXL Bun Paavs in plastic.
thank fully finals are not between Yellow Pant is VS transpernet Pant is
shubham bhavatu

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

venus williams

o boy !!!
physique is awesome + the amazing dress sense

i (as most of us are ) usually love to be in front of the mirror but after looking at that physique
i felt ashamed to even look at my hands .
bhagwan deta hai to sala chhappar( kapade) fadke .

shubham bhavatu

Saturday, May 22, 2010

synthetic bacteria

synthetic bacteria
Creation was supposed to be HIS area , now Man is entering into it.

spiritual people will say yes Human have started attaining the potential of what he is. i.e GOD himself. though Long long way to go but the begining !
it started with when Humans got the FIRE, started farming then on ........ evolution . Scientist never got the clue of how it happened. SAGES / MUNIS / YOGIS some how knew it .
Man seems always knew to break everything ( analytically) leading to Atomic power eventualy to be used as destructive tool. thats why all the Eastern knowledge is / was always mysterious. so that only a WISE person could learn it and use it for betterment of Human race!
Its only when human learns how to create a bond (all the matter has this bond between the atom/ electrons / positive / negative ) he will be able to truly create.

देव तरी त्याला कोण मरि

manglore crash

4 out of 164 survive !
these crashes usually kill everybody inside, but some unusually escape. KRISHAn survives

Mnt Everest

Amazing somebody 8th grader from America scales THE MOUNT EVEREST at thirteen . Some Indian Arjun bajpeyee at 16 does the same. (Where is our apala marathi manus  ?)  Three cheers for these two teens.

special mention to APA SHERPA (scaling the peak for 20 times)

who can write in his C V

HOBBIES :- stroll over Mnt EVEREST.

Thursday, May 20, 2010


1. cyclone आले हल्ली तय वादल वार्या ची नावे पण भरी असतात मागील वर्षी आलेले ते होते
आयला अत्ता आले ते लैला !
t20 world cup was a fiasco as expected, (it seems some team members were less interested in cricket ball & were more intersted in ....u know what i mean )
Media all print and electronic and all the news channels are still discussing it . in the same period VISHWANATH ANAND gave anand by RETAINING THE TITLE. some boxers / some wrestlers won silvers /bronzs/Gold . girls playing cricket lost to austrelia in some finals and NATIONAL GAME was a FINAL KOREA VS INDIA washed away by rains so joint holders
when are we going to give more importnace to the other ACHIEVERS ??

शुभम भवतु

Thursday, March 4, 2010


सगळे ध्यानचंद पुत्र कुठे आहेत ?
खुप हुशार ANI यशस्वी KHELADU असताना स्पेन कडून का शीकावे लागते ?

राजकारण , पैसे , क्रिकेट की काय ?

शुभम भवतु

Sunday, February 28, 2010


the lesson I learned the hard way ........








Enjoy Every second of your Existence !!!!!!!

Is this human existence just to struggle, earn never enough Money, then cease to exist or you are designed for something better ????

shubham bhavatu

Thursday, February 25, 2010


A man asks GOD whats the difference between your love and mans love ?

GOD says can u see the bird flying in the sky ?
man says yes
GOD says yes thats my love !!
look at your love you have CAGED THE BIRD !!


Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Dear (more appropriate will be Respected but ) i will prefer to say

no words for the mastelry 200 NO against supposed to be one of the best fielding and bowling sides HATS OFF TO YOU !!!!!!

शुभम भवतु

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


जरा कौतुक केले की एक दिवसीय सामन्यात नाकि दम आनंला !! तरी बर जिंकले !

आज पासून १२ ची परीक्षा ! एक फार्स कारण CEt चे गुण जास्त महत्वाचे ! असो
पोरांनो नित लिहा papers ! अणि जगा !! कोणी तरी घरी वाट बघते हे लक्षात ठेउन वेळीच धड घरी ja

शुभम भवतु

Thursday, February 18, 2010


एक निरिक्षण
माणसाची ऊँची ही त्याच्या माता पित्यापेंक्षा थोडीशी जास्त असते, ह्याचे प्रमाण माज्या मते

आई अणि वडिल ह्या पैकी ते मूल लहान असताना कोण जास्त कडेवर घेत त्या पालाकपेक्षा ते मूल २ ते ४ बोट उंच होते

शुभम भवतु


good to see Indian Cricket Team Battling till the last ball and WINING !!!

unlike yesteryears a close finishing = India on the loosing side.

as APJ Kalam rightly said drop the mentality that u r 3rd world or developing world !

same in cricket Gore chamadike samne mat zuko ! this was shown today !!


shubham bhavatu

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

अजब तुजा न्याय !!!

अजब तुजा न्याय !!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


काय मिलते ह्या लोकाना असे भ्यादपने लोकांचे जीव घेउन ?
जी गोष्ट देता येत नाही ती घेण्याचा अधिकार असतो ???

ह्या लोकाना आश्रय देणारे , भीयून चुप बसणारे जास्त दोषी !

सरकार बेगडी दुनियेलाच जास्त महत्व देते की काय ?
चमकते ते सोने असेलच का ? की bentex च अति लुभावाते ?
थाम्बयाला हवे हे हीन प्रकार !
कुठे आहेत
सर्वे जीव शांत होवोत
सर्व जीव सुखी होवोत
सर्व जीव आनंदी होवो ही प्राथर्ना SANGANARE शिकविनारे कुठे

शुभम भवतु

sir sachin

47 th test hundred wow !!! hats of to his
determination, dedication, discipline = DESTINY
wishing him many more hundreds
शुभं भवतु

Thursday, February 11, 2010

k u c r

it is high time that all our responsible politicians specially the eye cathers like U R C R should concentrate more on the burning issues of high costs (महगाई) rather than personal security
what SRK is doing, etc etc .
let me wish that all thses so called decision makers put away the stupid issues and concentrate come toghether and find solutions for AAM AADAMI. AAMMEENN !!!!!

शुभम भवतु

Sunday, February 7, 2010


problems problems trying to solve all types of them

just look back where is your focus ?

ha aha focussing on problem means creating more of them
focus on solutions instead and see the difference
शुभम भवतु

देत जा

देणार्याने देत जावे
घेणार्याने घेत जावे
घेता घेता एक दिवस देनार्याचे हात घ्यावे

द्या !! जे द्याल तेच परत येइल
ठरवा द्वेष ,राग, टिका द्या नि चार पट घ्या द्वेष ,राग, टिका
१ स्मित द्या ४ घ्या प्रेम द्या ४ पट मिळावा
काय करायचे तुम्ही ठरवा !!!!

शुभम भवतु

Thursday, February 4, 2010


महगाई अग अग आई

सर्व वृत्त पत्ता अणि वाहिन्या वर मराठी अ मराठी चा वाद हा तुमची आमची दिशाभूल करण्या साथी तर नाही न अशी एक शंका माला आली ! कुठलाही राज कारनी आंनी राज्यकर्ता महागाई अथवा इतर सम्स्यावर बोलत का नाही ?
विचार करा
शुभम भवतु

Monday, January 25, 2010

फिर मिले सुर मेरा तुम्हारा

on 26-01-2010 60 th republic day I was pleasantly surprised to watch PHIR mile sur mera tumhara. Watch it. revives the memories of 1988 as well gives you new ones.
1 good to watch the Next Gen performing with the Masters. It is well made By K surendranath
2 felt bad as could not recognise many of the south INDIAN achievers.
3. A shankar is reincarnation of Ravi shankar with same looks (including hair style) same gestures And loads of talent
4. politicians should think(???) as not a single one is featured not even in background. does that mean India is mile sur mera tumhara without politicians.
5. who says Indian tradition /culture/music is being taken over by Western No way all the western look like tunes are based on the same RAAG
6.missed BHIMAPPA
shubham bhavatu

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


pallavi joshi,s name changed to paTTALI joSHAt

expert comments
गाने चांगले जाले पण
हा पण द्रौपदी च्या पनापेक्शा अवघड परन्तु इथे विजयाची माळ सु...... पुत्र अणि पुत्रिना जाते का अशी एक s
शंका ?

असो भारत मातेचा विजय असो !!!!!


मराठीत नटरंग छान
पंजाबी + कोबरा छे मिश्रण अप्सरा आली uchch
३ इदिओत्स पण छान आहे बॉक्स च्या बाहेरचा विचार कराणार्याना रोधू नका माज्या मुलानी केले तर जास्ती अवादेल घासून गुलगुलीत ज़ालेल्या वाटाच जास्ती निसरड्या ज़ाल्यत
सिनेमा वरुण आठवले
हिंदी सिनेमा कुठलाही हीरो ..... अंगभर कपडे घालून नाचतो चेस्ट ३८' अबोव
अणि हेरोइनस कामित कमी कपडे (याची आद्य बाई किमी कपदेकाटकर) शुन्य akkar
. बघायचे काय सो बोलो पोलो hole with mint


as far as possible aviod using ATM;s minimum denomination u get is 100 or 500 so u spend in multiples of that not in 10,50 and tend to buy things u dont need.
2) this when u see a larger pictur is driving our economy to U S type. just becuase of that it went into recession.

Monday, January 18, 2010

अरे इथे मराठी नाहीं पण gmail वर आहे असे का बरे
राजू तुला स्मरणात ठेउन ब्लॉग ला नाव दिले आहे या अणि आपले उच्च vइचार इथे नोंदवा


समोरचा कसा वागतो त्या वर मी कसे वागायचे हे ठरते
तरीही मी प्रेम करतो असे म्हणायचे
तो जसा मी तसा, मी असा तो तसा
तो चिडला तरीही मी प्रेमच करणार
हे प्रेम कि

तो चांगला तर मी चांगला (माझ्या मते हा हा व्यवहार झाला)

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Navinya de new expirience

its the new thing for me
like to try new things so be it
lets start to say Blogging