Monday, May 31, 2010


समाजातील विविध विघटन थाम्बवुन / विविध नावाखाली विभाजन टालूंन एक संध समाज निर्मिती असे स्वप्ना कुणीतरी बघितले होते म्हणे
सर्व धर्मं / पंथ / गोत्र / मु ॥ ह्यांचा उद्देश विश्वबंधुत्वा कड़े दोन चार पावूले पुढे नेणारा असावा अशी माफक अपेक्षा !!
इथे अध्यात्मिक गुरूच स्कैंडल / गोलीबार ह्या मधून वेळ मिळाला तर गुरिगिरी करणार
अरे dyana dyana zala सी गायब

शुभम भवतु


its said that your personality reflects what you wear,
then my questions are
a) transperent clothing ?????
b) yellow (flouroscent) pants i es ?????
c) only a towel ................... Any way ....
We move onto Ranold Garros
1980's Billi jean King vs A Gentle lady
1990' Mrs Lloyd vs Navara tila hava
then Navara tila Hava vs Steffi Graff in between Capriattis / Sabatini
the favaorates were decided on the game itself . But this year 4th round match was between the aerobics dress Vs XXL Bun Paavs in plastic.
thank fully finals are not between Yellow Pant is VS transpernet Pant is
shubham bhavatu

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

venus williams

o boy !!!
physique is awesome + the amazing dress sense

i (as most of us are ) usually love to be in front of the mirror but after looking at that physique
i felt ashamed to even look at my hands .
bhagwan deta hai to sala chhappar( kapade) fadke .

shubham bhavatu

Saturday, May 22, 2010

synthetic bacteria

synthetic bacteria
Creation was supposed to be HIS area , now Man is entering into it.

spiritual people will say yes Human have started attaining the potential of what he is. i.e GOD himself. though Long long way to go but the begining !
it started with when Humans got the FIRE, started farming then on ........ evolution . Scientist never got the clue of how it happened. SAGES / MUNIS / YOGIS some how knew it .
Man seems always knew to break everything ( analytically) leading to Atomic power eventualy to be used as destructive tool. thats why all the Eastern knowledge is / was always mysterious. so that only a WISE person could learn it and use it for betterment of Human race!
Its only when human learns how to create a bond (all the matter has this bond between the atom/ electrons / positive / negative ) he will be able to truly create.

देव तरी त्याला कोण मरि

manglore crash

4 out of 164 survive !
these crashes usually kill everybody inside, but some unusually escape. KRISHAn survives

Mnt Everest

Amazing somebody 8th grader from America scales THE MOUNT EVEREST at thirteen . Some Indian Arjun bajpeyee at 16 does the same. (Where is our apala marathi manus  ?)  Three cheers for these two teens.

special mention to APA SHERPA (scaling the peak for 20 times)

who can write in his C V

HOBBIES :- stroll over Mnt EVEREST.

Thursday, May 20, 2010


1. cyclone आले हल्ली तय वादल वार्या ची नावे पण भरी असतात मागील वर्षी आलेले ते होते
आयला अत्ता आले ते लैला !
t20 world cup was a fiasco as expected, (it seems some team members were less interested in cricket ball & were more intersted in ....u know what i mean )
Media all print and electronic and all the news channels are still discussing it . in the same period VISHWANATH ANAND gave anand by RETAINING THE TITLE. some boxers / some wrestlers won silvers /bronzs/Gold . girls playing cricket lost to austrelia in some finals and NATIONAL GAME was a FINAL KOREA VS INDIA washed away by rains so joint holders
when are we going to give more importnace to the other ACHIEVERS ??

शुभम भवतु